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The Rangely Museum preserves the unique history of the Rangely area in several historical buildings and exhibits.
There are three distinct periods:
  • Native American and Prehistory (from the distant past until 1883)
  • Pioneer and Ranching (from 1883 until 1946)
  • Energy Development (from 1946 to the present day)
There are overlaps within these periods

Finally, Rangely is a young town as towns in Colorado go. It was not incorporated until 1947. The first paved roads did not make it to Rangely for another decade. However, people take pride in the community, and our senior citizens recall with pleasure and nostalgia how their lives were in the early days. The museum aims to record the development of the Town through oral histories, articles, photographs and multimedia presentations.

Rangely Museum
150 Kennedy Dr
Rangely, CO 81648
Phone:  970-675-2612